Class 1AE

We have had a very busy Autumn term settling into our newly refurbished classroom and exploring our topic Wild Wood. We read lots of traditional tales and learnt to recite the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  We learnt to ask scientific questions and make observations whilst exploring the wildlife in our school. We learnt to use our senses and to describe parts of our body. We made our own bread and learnt how to churn our own butter. As well as these activities we developed our social skills, worked hard to solve problems and helped each other become happier and even more resilient through lots of independent play-based learning.


In 1AE we decide what we would like to learn about by discussing our interests and ideas as a class. To ensure the children experience a smooth transition across to Key Stage 1 we aim to keep our learning environment and style of teaching very similar to Reception. Children have access to continuous provision where they are free to guide their own learning, both indoors and outdoors.

To find out more about some of the things we are learning as part of our current topic ‘Wild Woods’ click on this term's curriculum map below. Much of our work is practical and cross-curricular which enables us to make strong links between different areas of our learning.

We love stories. In order to learn a new story we use the story telling approach of hear, map, step, speak. We consider ourselves quite the story telling experts! This term we will be learning the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood.

We call our class the 1AE family. We are a close-knit group who strive to support and encourage each other in all areas of school life. We foster a Growth Mindset approach and encourage each other to learn with a can-do attitude. We often positively critique each other’s ideas and work in order to progress further in our learning.

You will often hear singing and music coming from our classroom. We sometimes even have a musical register where we show off our street dance moves!

We’re looking forward to more creating, investigating and developing on our learning journey in Year 1.


Miss Elam, Miss Adams, Mrs. Newton and all of 1AE!