Class RD

Our topic is around the world and we have been to Paris and Florence on Batt Airlines!

We had to show our boarding passes and passports as we entered check in.

We had an amazing time. We had food onboard, did all the relevant safety checks  and learned lots about each place. We will be visiting lots more places over the next few weeks. 

We were all so well behaved on the flight and sat so still! 

We had a brilliant week when our daddies visited us for Father’s Day. We made cocktails, played sport, listened to stories, learned about nuclear fusion and had such an amazing time.

We told our daddies they are very welcome anytime!

Summer Term in RD

We are very much looking forward to fun filled term!

We are busy practising our May Dancing and we are doing well. We are also busy learning our songs for our Whole School Summer Production of Joseph.

Richmond Village

Some of us have been to Richmond Village to visit some of the residents. We really enjoyed seeing them and playing games with them. They are going to come to us for tea and cake after half term.

Our Curriculum

We love to be involved in our learning and we always share our ideas about what we would like to learn. We have wonderful ideas and have done some super activities which the grown-ups wouldn’t have even thought of!

We are working hard with our writing and numbers and love completing our Rainbow Challenges throughout the week.

We are learning about plants at the moment and have been busy planting wellies to brighten up our fence. We have also planted vegetable and flowers in our raised beds. We can’t wait to start to see them grow. We have made posters to remind us that we need to look after them!

Characteristics of Effective Learning

We now have seven dinosaurs which we take it in turns to take home at the weekend. They always have such brilliant adventures and we love sharing our diaries on a Monday and looking at the photos.

New words of the week

We have started to write down new words we learn through the week. We then share these with our parents on Homeroom. We have already learned the words ‘bargain’, ‘expensive’, ‘role model’, ‘charity’ and ‘poacher’. We are very good at explaining what they mean and we will try to use some of them in our speaking and listening and literacy when we are ready.

Forest School and Communication and Language Sessions

We love our Thursday afternoons as we spilt into two halves to do Forest school and Communication Sessions.

During Forest School we go to the field and do art work, collect signs of nature, make dens and do lots of other exciting things.

In our Communication and Language sessions we bring something in from home and talk about it to the others. We have shared biscuits we have made, we have talked about wind turbines, our holidays and hobbies and lots more.

It’s great fun in RD and our teachers are proud of how kind and caring we are to each other and what brilliant independent learners we are. We follow the school rules well!










Richmond Village

We have really enjoyed our visits to see  the residents of Richmond Village with 3 children form RD and 3 from 1AE.

The children played games with the residents, sang songs with them and read stories with them.

It has been a wonderful experience for everyone.

The children asked regularly when they were going back and the residents talked about the children when we left each week. 

We are learning about People who help us and we have been very lucky to have had visits from Sienna’s and Oscar’s daddy who are firefighters and also Annie’s mummy who is a doctor. They came to talk to us about their jobs and we asked lots of questions.


We also had the fire engine in and looked around it and even got to squirt water! 

It got called out twice to real emergencies whilst they were here!


We have also been talking about all the people who help us in school.


Dan and Adam the firefighters came to talk about their uniform and what they do. They then played with us in our role play fire station and taught us what to do in an emergency.

We all had such great fun. Dan and Adam enjoyed the afternoon too!

Characteristics of Learning

In the booklet you were given at Parents’ Evening, it talked about the characteristics of how children learn. I would like to involve the children in this and get them to think about what motivates them and how they learn. To make this fun, I have introduced dinosaurs which they can match themselves to. There will be cards in the classroom explaining these. Your child may come home with a sticker or a sticker may be stuck in their Learning Journal to show their individual characteristics.

Here is a summary of the different characteristics

Playing and Exploring


“I explore everything around me.”


 “I ask questions and find things out.”

 Active Learning


“I try my best and never give up.”


 “I stick at tasks and persevere.”

 Creating and Thinking Critically


 “I work hard to solve problems.”


“I think carefully about what I learn.”


“I share my ideas and resources.”

Our ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ Achievosaurs

What are the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’?

They run through and underpin the seven areas of learning and development, as detailed in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ (2014). They describe learning processes that occur throughout every day activities and experiences. They also support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner.

What are the Achievosaurs?

There are seven Achievosaurs altogether, each linking to an aspect of the characteristics. They enable children to become more aware of how they learn, and give them language to explain the skills they use when learning.

I am sure the children will really enjoy telling you all about our Achievosaurs!!




We had a brilliant week when our daddies visited us for Father’s Day. We made cocktails, played sport, listened to stories, learned about nuclear fusion and had such an amazing time.

We told our daddies they are very welcome anytime!